It was great getting to argue before the Kansas Supreme Court again. My daughter Molly Millett was there and so was my client Robert Bazin. I also had the pleasure of getting to argue before an entire 5th grade class from a school in Tonganoxie.

I got asked a lot of questions so my argument was a little over 20 minutes instead of just 15, which was nice.

I am hopeful that I was persuasive enough in my arguments to convince the Court to rule in favor of my clients.

The underlying cause of action was for conversion. I think the case law is pretty clear that you cannot convert proceeds (money). Further, my client cannot convert a vehicle that did not belong to Stanley Bank. Finally, I believe every citizen in the State of Kansas should be able to rely on a title to a vehicle that is issued by the State.

If you are interested in what you have read so far and would like to learn more about this case or just hear me argue then please go to the link below.

Once you are at the site please go to the 1st Argument listed for May 1, 2013.  It is Case Number 104316 entitled Stanley Bank v. Johnny R. Parish, et al., Bazin Excavating, Inc. and Robert A. Bazin.

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