Millett Law in Kansas City: Domestic Law

Domestic law cases include dissolution of marriage (divorce), custody, paternity, alimony, as well as a number of different types of domestic offenses. Attorney Michael Millett has successfully represented clients in areas of domestic law – routinely gaining favorable results for his clients.

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Attorney Michael Millett has also represented clients in cases of domestic violence. Domestic offenses often surface during turbulent times in a relationship. Domestic offenses, especially domestic battery, are a serious issue for everyone involved.

In the State of Kansas, battery is defined as “intentionally or recklessly causing bodily harm to another person or physical contact with another person when done in a rude, insulting, or angry manner.” Domestic battery is defined as battery between two (or more) members of a family. These individuals can be related by blood or marriage, share a home together, or have a child in common with one another.

The types of crimes qualifying as a domestic offense under Kansas law include:

  • Assault or Aggravated Assault
  • Domestic Battery
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Battery
  • Stalking

A domestic battery charge can be brought against parents, spouses, ex-spouses, children, step-parents, roommates, former roommates, and any two individuals who have a child in common. If you are found guilty of a domestic offense, you may go to jail, lose your job, and lose custody of your children. In addition, you will most certainly end up with a permanent criminal record. In cases of domestic offenses, you need an attorney who is dedicated to fighting for your rights and your future.

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